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Clare and Effie

   (Merryn Williams)
Moving into her grandmother's big old house in Swansea, the young artist Clare uncovers a secret, and opens up a whole new future for herself.
( 1996) Full details

£3.95     Out of print


   (Anne Lewis)
Something is wrong with the magic. Something is feeding on it. The whole world is at stake... Third in the award-winning Bwgan Wood series.
( 2003) Full details

£3.95      BUY NOW

Hacio (Cyfres Cled)

   (Malorie Blackman)
Daw Ceri a Moi adre o'r ysgol un diwrnod i glywed bod eu tad wedi cael ei arestio; mae'r banc lle mae'n gweithio wedi gyhuddo o ddwyn dros filiwn o bunnoedd.
( 1998) Full details

£4.50     Out of print

Helynt y Twll yn y Wall (Cyfres Cled)

   (Malorie Blackman)
"Teclyn-ddyn" yw enw Ffiffi - neu Ffion, a rhoi ei henw iawn iddi - ar ei thad am ei fod yn dyfeision pob math o bethau rhyfedd, yn cynnwys Pecynnau Ysbio a bisgedi sy'n ffrwydro!
( 1999) Full details

£3.95     Out of print

Mwy nag Aur (Cyfres Cled)

   (Meinir Wyn Edwards)
Un o'r ychydig bethau oedd gan Tracey, Lisa a Sam yn gyffredin oedd eu bod ill tri yn edrych ymlaen yn fawr at y trip ysgol i hen gloddfeydd aur Dolaucothi.
( 1995) Full details

£2.95     Out of print

Pwtyn and Pwtan Go To School

   (Alys Jones)
The two cheeky hamsters, Pwtyn and Pwtan, plot a day of adventure from their cage and go on an exciting day to school.
( 2001) Full details

£4.95     Out of print

Pwtyn and Pwtan Meet

   (Alys Jones)
A funny, action-packed story about Pwtyn the hamster; full of friendship and adventure.
( 2002) Full details

£4.95     Out of print

Pwtyn Escapes

   (Alys Jones)
The first of Alys Jones' exciting tales following the adventures of Pwtyn the hamster.
( 1998) Full details

£4.95     Out of print

The Night Garden

   (Jenny Marlowe)
PJ, a fiercely determined teenage girl coping with her own epilepsy and family troubles, discovers a new world on her nightly escapades into her neighbours' forbidden gardens.
( 2000) Full details

£4.99     Out of print

The Scary Monster Clean-up Gang

   (Anne Lewis)
The sequel to Who's Afraid of the Bwgan-Wood, winner of the 1996 Tir na n-Og Award.
( 1999) Full details

£3.95      BUY NOW

Who's Afraid of the Bwgan Wood?

   (Anne Lewis)
A fantasy Children's novel for ages 7-11 years old.Winner of the Welsh Books Council Tir na n-Og Award
( 2004) Full details

£4.95      BUY NOW

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