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Dee Silman

Dee Silman lives in North Wales with her husband and two small children. She settled there after giving up her job in teaching to write full time. Since then, her new role as full time mother has competed with her other creative interests a little.

She finds communication a lot easier when directed through her fingertips, though this doesn't work both ways. She set up her first 'room of one's own' - a tent in her mother's bedroom - when she was seven and wrote her first novel there.

Since then she has had short stories published by Honno, [italics:Mslexia] and Serpent's Tail. Her erotic fiction has been published by Black Lace and Cleis Press.

In 2002 she completed an MA in novel writing at the University of Manchester. She has recently rewritten the novel she started there: a psychological study of a young woman's journey through resurfacing grief. It draws on fairytale and myths of the sea - in particular, the treacherous coastline of Brittany, where it is set.

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Mirror Mirror

   (Anthology, ed.Patricia Duncker, Janet Thomas)
25 new short stories by women from Wales, including stories by Patricia Duncker, Jo Mazelis, Jenny Sullivan, and Nia Williams, writing on the theme of " The Other Woman..."

( 2004) Full details

£7.99     Out of print

Strange Days Indeed

   (Anthology, ed.Lindsay Ashford; Rebecca Tope)
Funny, shocking and tender, this is a unique collection of autobiographical writings about motherhood penned by women from Wales.
(March 2007) Full details

£7.99      BUY NOW

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