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Deirdre Beddoe

Deirdre Beddoe

Deirdre Beddoe, writer, broadcaster and historian is Emeritus Professor of Women's History at the University of Glamorgan. She is committed to rescuing the lost history of women in Wales and to making their story available to a wide audience.
She has researched and written extensively on both British and Welsh women's history and her books include Discovering Women's History: A Practical Guide, Back to Home and Duty: Women in Britain Between the Wars and Out of the Shadows: A History of Women in Twentieth-Century Wales.

She is also editor of two volumes in the Honno Voices Series - Parachutes and Petticoats: Welsh Women Writing on the Second World War and Changing Times: Welsh Women writing on the 1950s and 1960s.

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Betsy Cadwaladyr: A Balaclava Nurse

   (Jane Williams (Ysgafell))
An Autobiography of Elizabeth Davis. Betsy's story is a unique record – the authentic voice of an early nineteenth century Welsh working woman recalling the events and experiences of an action-packed...
(January 2015) Full details

£11.99      BUY NOW

Changing Times - Welsh Women Writing on the 1950s and 1960s

   (Anthology, ed.Deirdre Beddoe)
Moving, funny, brave and, at times, deeply shocking, this anthology brings together a dazzling collection of experiences from over forty women writers.
( 2003) Full details

£9.99     Out of print

Changing Times: A different world - women's stories of the 50s and 60s

Life in the 50s and 60s still meant segregation and inequality for many women, but it also brought rock-n-roll, rising hemlines and the first signs of female emancipation since the vote.
(January 2010) Full details

£11.99      BUY NOW

Parachutes and Petticoats - Welsh Women Writing on the Second World War

   (Anthology, ed.Leigh Verrill-Rhys, Deirdre Beddoe)
With memories of air raids, Mickey-Mouse gas masks and mothers feeding their families on Spam, snoek and dried egg, this anthology is an evocative record of Welsh women's lives during wartime.
( 2003) Full details

£9.99     Out of print

Parachutes and Petticoats: Evocative women’s stories from WWII

Women were the backbone of the country's war effort, 'keeping calm' and 'carrying on' on the frontline and under bombardment in the UK. But there were good times alongside the bad.
(January 2010) Full details

£10.99     Out of print

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