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Jacqueline Jacques

Jacqueline Jacques

Jacqueline Jacques was born in war-time Anglesey, North Wales, but has lived most of her life within spitting distance of London; hence the East End references in each of her seven novels. She taught in mainstream primary and special needs schools, until the writing bug bit her and has never regretted her late career move.

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   (Jacqueline Jacques)
A fascinating first novel following the lives and loves of six girls from the days of beatniks to the eve of the millennium.
( 1997) Full details

£6.95     Out of print

Luminous and Forlorn: Contemporary Short Stories By Women From Wales

   (Anthology, ed.Elin ap Hywel)
Honno's first collection of short stories and winner of the Raymond Williams award.

( 1994) Full details

£6.95     Out of print

Skin Deep

   (Jacqueline Jacques)
What if scientists had discovered how to transplant brains into new bodies ? A playful and terrifying thriller.
( 2004) Full details

£6.99     Out of print

The Colours of Corruption

   (Jacqueline Jacques)
As this gripping thriller uncoils, Jacqueline Jacques paints an intricate, vibrant picture of the layers of Victorian London, where the poor are commodities, criminals have nothing to lose and the ric...
(January 2013) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

The Illusion of Innocence

   (Jacqueline Jacques)
Three people on a crowded train, brought there by the same crime. From the author of The Colours of Corruption, also in the Archie Price series.
(November 2015) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

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