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Kitty Sewell

Kitty Sewell

Kitty Sewell, who speaks four languages, was born in Sweden and has lived variously in Spain, Canada, England and Wales. After running an estate agency in the frozen north of Canada she trained as a psychotherapist and then as a sculptor. Since 1991 she has written a popular agony column which is published in various newspapers around Britain. Her first book, What took you so long, a biography, was published by Penguin in 1995. She loves adventure and travel and hitch-hiked around South America for a year in her late teens. She has done various long-haul motorcycling journeys, including a solo ride around Europe for her 50th Birthday. She is also a founder member of Catwomen from Hell, a Swansea motorcycling gang for women. Her debut novel Ice Trap (Honno, 2005), is set in Cardiff, where Kitty now lives with her husband, and the Canadian Arctic.

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Catwomen from Hell

   (Anthology, ed.Janet Thomas)
For some wickedness is pleasure, for some it is power, and for some it is sheer survival.Contemporary short stories.
( 2000) Full details

£7.99     Out of print

Ice Trap

   (Kitty Sewell)
Dafydd Woodruff's life is about to be blown apart by the arrival of unexpected news.He takes an extraordinary journey back to sub-arctic Canada to confront his demons.
(October 2005) Full details

£6.99     Out of print

My Cheating Heart

   (Anthology, ed.Kitty Sewell)
Twenty-five original stories of intrigue, infidelity and betrayal

(October 2005) Full details

£7.99      BUY NOW

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