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A ddarllensoch chi...?

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Amy Dillwyn


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Darganfuwyd 9 cofnod.

Light Switches are my Kryptonite

   (Crystal Jeans)
Sylvester is a frightened, brave, compassionate young man with an OCD problem. He spends a lot of time in his room, muttering his mantras and gluing glitter to the light switches. Join him, his fragil...
(Ebrill 2017) Manylion llawn

£8.99      PRYNU NAWR

Remember No More

   (Jan Newton)
Newly promoted DS Julie Kite and her husband have left urban Manchester for a new start in tranquil mid-Wales. But on her first day she is thrust into the centre of a murder investigation.
(Mawrth 2017) Manylion llawn

£8.99      PRYNU NAWR

Gladys of Harlech

   (L.M.Spooner, ed.Rita Singer)
Gladys of Harlech was first published anonymously in 1858. The novel is set during the Wars of the Roses in the mid-15th century and tells the story of Gladys, granddaughter of the last Welsh keeper o...
(Chwefror 2017) Manylion llawn

£14.99      PRYNU NAWR

The White Camellia

   (Juliet Greenwood)
Bea is expected to marry her wealthy cousin to rescue her family fortune. A visit to the White Camellia tearoom finds her drawn into the suffrage campaign - will following her heart mean betraying her...
(Medi 2016) Manylion llawn

£8.99      PRYNU NAWR

Thicker Than Water

   (Bethan Darwin)
Warm, witty novel in contemporary Cardiff and 1920s Canada from the author of Back Home.
(Awst 2016) Manylion llawn

£8.99      PRYNU NAWR

Mae'r Galon wrth y Llyw

   (Kate Bosse-Griffiths, ed.Rosanne Reeves; Heini Gruffudd )
Dilynwn brofiadau nwydus a dirdynnol, chwareus a chwerw wrth i Doris ac Arthur a Siân geisio ymdopi â'r penderfyniadau dyrys sy'n rhaid eu gwneud, er gwell neu er gwaeth, ac ...
(Awst 2016) Manylion llawn

£8.99      PRYNU NAWR

The Unravelling

   (Thorne Moore)
When they were ten everybody wanted to be SerenaÂ's friend, and in her inner circle. But doing so meant proving your worth, with consequences itÂ's not nice to think about – even 3...
(Gorffennaf 2016) Manylion llawn

£8.99      PRYNU NAWR

The Vegetarian Tigers Of Paradise

   (Crystal Jeans)
A heart-warming, occasionally scabrous insight into growing up wild in the 1990s when your family didn't quite fit in - a wise and witty debut from a talented and unusual voice.
(Mai 2016) Manylion llawn

£8.99      PRYNU NAWR

Girl in Profile

   (Zillah Bethell)
Three voices, three loves, three lives, in Paris and Wales - before children, with children, after the children have gone. At times as subtle and luminous as a Gwen John painting, at others it is ...
(Ebrill 2016) Manylion llawn

£8.99      PRYNU NAWR

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