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Publications for Jane Williams (Ysgafell)

Jane Williams (Ysgafell)

Jane Williams (Ysgafell) (1806-85) described herself as 'Welsh by descent and long residence, but born in Chelsea'. She was a historian, a biographer, a book reviewer and a writer on social and religious issues to do with Wales; her best-known books are probably her response to the 1847 Commissioners' Report on working class education in Wales (Artegall, 1848) and A History of Wales Derived from Authentic Sources (1869). Her work on Betsy Cadwaladyr's autobiography (an attempt to raise money to help the ex-Balaclava nurse in her old age) remains an interesting early example of oral history and was re-issued by Honno in 1987 with an introduction by Deirdre Beddoe.

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Betsy Cadwaladyr: A Balaclava Nurse

   (Jane Williams (Ysgafell))
An Autobiography of Elizabeth Davis. Betsy's story is a unique record – the authentic voice of an early nineteenth century Welsh working woman recalling the events and experiences of an action-packed...
(January 2015) Full details

£11.99      BUY NOW

Betsy Cadwaladyr: A Balaclava Nurse - An Autobiography of Elizabeth Davis

   (Elizabeth Davis; Betsy Cadwaladyr, ed.Jane Williams (Ysgafell))
A republication of the fascinating story of the nineteenth century Welsh woman Elizabeth Davis, also known as Betsy Cadwaladyr, the 'Balaclava nurse'.
(February 1987) Full details

£8.99     Out of print

Even the Rain is Different

   (Anthology, ed.Gwyneth Tyson Roberts)
A compelling collection spanning 150 years of Welsh women's experiences abroad.
(March 2005) Full details

£7.99      BUY NOW

Welsh Women's Poetry 1460-2001

   (Anthology, ed.Katie Gramich, Catherine Brennan)
This groundbreaking volume is the first bilingual anthology of Welsh women's poetry.
( 2003) Full details

£14.99      BUY NOW

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