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The Honno Committee

Honno is managed by an enthusiastic committee of volunteer women from Wales, who meet regularly to support the staff, discuss the books, manage the finances and determine the strategic direction of Honno. They have a wide mix of different work experiences and are from all over Wales. Our only rules for committee members are that they must be Welsh women and Honno shareholders - and Honno cannot publish books by committee members.

Currently the Honno Committee Members are:

Jane Aaron is the editor of the Honno Classics English-language series. Born in Aberystwyth, she has now returned to the town and taken up her old place on the Honno Committee once again.

Eurwen Booth: Eurwen found Honno its present home in Ceredigion and successfully applied for funding for office space and computer equipment - also housing a whole stock of books at home during the process! She was the assistant to Honno's first funded editor, Elin ap Hywel. She assists with Honno's proofreading, translation and the Clasuron Honno.

Cathryn Charnell-White: For Cathryn Charnell-White, an eighteenth-century specialist and editor of an anthology of Early Modern Welsh women's poetry (Beirdd Ceridwen), her involvement with the Honno committee is an extension of her interest in Welsh literature and women's studies.

Catriona Graham: Catriona has been following HONNO's fortunes since it started and, after many years working in senior management in local government, escaped in time to do some of the things she's always wanted to do, like getting involved with Honno. Catriona is a published short story writer and is aspiring to get a novel published.

Mair Rees

Rosanne Reeves:One of the founder members of Honno back in 1986 who helped to keep the show on the road before Elin ap Hywel was appointed as our first paid Editor. Now translates for Honno and represents the press at book launches in Cardiff and south Wales.

Gwyneth Tyson Roberts: After working in Baghdad, Lisbon and London, Gwyneth Tyson Roberts moved to Aberystwyth in 1994. She has edited a Honno anthology and contributed to several Honno collections of short stories, and has a particular interest in women's writing in 19th-century Wales.

Janet Thomas: Janet worked for several years in publishing in London before moving back home to Aberystwyth, where she is a freelance editor. She was Honno Editor for two years, and has edited several Honno anthologies, before joining the committee.

Gwenda Williams Gwenda has spent most of her working life in the voluntary and not for profit sector, both in a paid capacity and as a member of the management committee of a number of organisations. Her experience has given her a broad understanding and knowledge of organisational management in the sector which is useful for the organisational side of Honno. She also like reading novels and poetry.

Lucy Williams Lucy lives in Wales and spends her time as an Italian Translator, Technical author, Creative Writer, and committee member for Honno. She has poetry published by The Emma Press, and Hysteria Anthology, and was recently a judge for the Hysteria Short Story competition. She is a freelance travel writer for Looking for Italy where she gets to spout off about how amazing Italy is. www.lucyrosewilliams.com.
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