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Clawr/Cover - Clare and Effie


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Clare and Effie

Merryn Williams  All books by Merryn Williams

£3.95     Out of print

A novel for children aged 9-12.

Moving into her grandmother's big old house in Swansea, the young artist Clare uncovers a secret, and opens up a whole new future for herself.

"It was a very small picture, framed and glazed, and beneath it was written: Euphemia Price. A corner of the artists room in Paris.Clare took it to the window. It wasn't dark yet, and pearly light revealed the painting clearly..."It's a bit colourless," Jamie said, coming up behind her."No," Clare said, still staring, "it isn't." She was thinking it was the most lovely picture she had ever seen."

As far as Clare has been told, all the great artists of the world are men - so she doesn't have much confidence in her own paintings.

But when Clare, Jamie and their mother move into her grandmother's big old house in Swansea, she uncovers a secret which changes the way she feels about her family's past - a secret which opens up a whole new future for her.

ISBN: 9781870206198

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Novels  Childrens  Historical  

First published by Honno in : 1996

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