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Clawr/Cover - Zé


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Renée Smith  All books by Renée Smith

£6.95     Out of print

" I had got there just in time, or rather at the worst possible time. There was a twang and a swish, like an arrow being loosed from a bow, and a solid red mass fell from the sky, landing wetly and heavily at my feet, spattering me all over. Next moment, another sodden missile came rolling down the bank towards me, and lay on the path unfurling its arms. My scream must have woken every sleeper in every hut around the praça."

Xana walks out on her anodyne marriage to Philip to hitch to south Wales - but this is only the beginning of her journey.

Her chance meeting with Jamie impells them both on a quest which leads from Blaengarw to the remote Indonesian Island where Jamie's mother, Amy, disappeared twenty years ago.

Who was Jamie's father ? What became of his mother ? When Xana is given her journal she realises that her search for the truth will uncover a web of passion, superstition and death, at the heart of which lies the enigma of Zé.

This is Renée Smith's first novel

ISBN: 9781870206211

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Novels  

First published by Honno in : 1996

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