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Clawr/Cover - Travels with a Duchess


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Travels with a Duchess

Menna Gallie  All books by Menna Gallie

£6.95     Out of print

" This is a terrible chronicle of debauchery. It is by my standards anyway, because I'm a very typical, ordinary, middle-class wife. You might not think it, perhaps, from what I've been telling you, but don't be hard on me - it was the holiday that did it..."

Just how much trouble can a Welsh Shirley Valentine get into on a foreign holiday ?

On her way to Yugoslavia in 1960s, Innes Gibson loses her luggage, her patience and her head. She spends the next fortnight trying on a different life as well as another woman's clothes. Reeling from sight to sight, drink to drink, from man to man, she finds out more about herself in those two weeks, than the last forty years put together. Aided and abetted by the enigmatic Duchess, our heroine returns to Cardiff a little wiser, and a lot merrier.

Deliciously funny, acerbic and honest, Menna Gallie's novel is as fresh and full of life as when it first appeared in 1968.

Foreward/Intro by: Angela V John

ISBN: 9781870206228

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Novels  Historical  Honno Classics  

First published by Honno in : 1996

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