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Clawr/Cover - YT and His Holiness


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YT and His Holiness

Jennifer Rhead  All books by Jennifer Rhead

£6.95     Out of print

" You little bitch - you filthy lying rotten little bitch. I know you're lying - why can't you just admit it-admit you're a lying, filthy rotten little bitch..why does she do it - why does she keep doing it?..."

After a drunken fall down the stairs, Laura drifts in and out of consciousness for three days. This is her story, told with uncompromising honesty and savage anger.

Based on a true story, it painfully explores the physical and emotional relationships, the bitter struggle and the emotional games between daughters and mothers, between sisters, between husband and wife, and between father and daughter. A powerful and unforgettable novel.

"I found the reading of this book a deeply moving experience. The circumstances of Laura Fitzhugh must be those of women everywhere. Jennifer Rhead provides a disturbing, totally convincing experience...the great gift of which is greater understanding and sympathy for the Lauras of this world." - John Spink.

WARNING: You may find the language and contents of this book disturbing

ISBN: 9781870206334

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Novels  

First published by Honno in : 1998

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