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Clawr/Cover - Catwomen from Hell


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Catwomen from Hell


Editor: Janet Thomas

£7.99     Out of print

'Life is full of surprises and here is one of them: at the age of 43,I have been transformed - from a polite and soft-spoken housewife who would not drown a spider in the bath - to a lucid and dangerous woman.'

This collection of 25 new stories is all about wicked women - but how do you define 'wickedness' ?

- The wife seeking revenge on the husband who left her?
- The young woman harbouring a deserter?
- The schoolgirls experimenting with magic?
- The biker who chooses hell-raising over HRT?
- The lonely widow looking for a new life?
- The mistress?
- The bad friend?
- The stepmother? . . .

Rebellion, temptation and survival drive this entertaining new volume - including work by Siân James, Jenny Sullivan, Christine Harrison and Jo Hughes - in an anthology by turns harsh, funny, tender and haunting.

'accessible, entertaining and fun to read'- Patricia Duncker

Foreward/Intro by: Janet Thomas

ISBN: 9781870206402

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Short Stories  Anthologies  

First published by Honno in : 2000

Contributors: Elizabeth Ashworth, Lindsay Ashford, Pamela Cockerill, Tessa Hadley, Christine Harrison, Chloë Heuch, Anna Hinds, Christine Hirst, G P Hughes, Jo Hughes, Jo Mazelis, Siân James, Ceri Jordan, Susan Morgan, Ann Morus, Kate O'Reilly, Fiona Owen, Beryl Roberts, Rachel Sayer, Kitty Sewell, Penny Simpson, Jenny Sullivan, Alexandra Ward, Nia Williams,

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