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Clawr/Cover - The Night Garden


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The Night Garden

Jenny Marlowe  All books by Jenny Marlowe

£4.99     Out of print

PJ, a fiercely determined teenage girl coping with her own epilepsy and family troubles, discovers a new world on her nightly escapades into her neighbours' forbidden gardens.

"Shocked and trembling I had taken my first stumbling steps towards her when a hand shot out of the darkness and grabbed my shoulder and another clamped itself over my mouth before I could scream. There was a starburst behind my eyes and then - nothing."

PJ, a teenage girl, conceals her vulnerability and isolation by presenting herself to the world as a tough rebel. When PJ's Mum announces she is pregnant, PJ is horrified.

In an effort to cope with family troubles, and the isolation from school friends that her epilepsy brings, she explores her neighbours' gardens in the terrace...under the cover of night. The hidden lives and secrets of her neighbours create dramatic encounters in the gardens which, over time, help her understand the complexities of life and death, and finally to accept herself and her mother's pregnancy.

An inspiring book for teenagers.

Runner up in the Special Educational Needs Book Award 2001

The Night Garden explores important issues that are relevant to the lives of many teenagers, such as:

• family relations, single mothers and pregnancies
• coping with epilepsy
• forming new friendships and cementing old ones

ISBN: 9781870206419

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Childrens  Novels  Fantasy  

First published by Honno in : 2000

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