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Clawr/Cover - Getting a Life


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Getting a Life

Catherine Merriman  All books by Catherine Merriman

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From a woman's exploration of the orgasmic potential of her breasts, to a young man's rebirth after surviving viciously inflicted injuries; from an artist who knows - and fears - the truth about art, to a panic-stricken father taking lessons in trust from his daughter, these short stories are inhabited by characters all grappling with the "getting" of a life .

A combination of the poignant, pitiless, hilarious and distinctly risky - this highly original collection explores our innermost desires and fears.

This is the third of Catherine Merriman's collections of short stories to be published by Honno, following the successes of Silly Mothers ( Honno 1996 ) and Of Sons and Stars ( Honno 1997 ). She is also a contributor in another Honno collection, Luminous and Forlorn ( 1994 ) and is editor of Laughing, not Laughing, an autobiographical anthology of women's experiences of sex ( Honno, 2004 )

ISBN: 9781870206464

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Short Stories  

First published by Honno in : 2001

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