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Clawr/Cover - Changing Times - Welsh Women Writing on the 1950s and 1960s


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Changing Times - Welsh Women Writing on the 1950s and 1960s


Editor: Deirdre Beddoe

£9.99     Out of print

NOW IN A NEW EDITION. Changing Times is now available in a new edition with an updated introduction. For more information.

Moving, funny, brave and, at times, deeply shocking, this anthology brings together a dazzling collection of experiences from over forty women writers. Sixties icon Molly Parkin allows us to view swinging London from the inside; leading dramatist Elaine Morgan describes " living at the edge of the world " on a remote hill farm without any mod cons and Mari Ellis draws on extracts from her fifties' diary as an Aberystwyth housewife and an aspiring author.

We visit the world of Toni Home Perms, starched petticoats, stilettos, Sunday school outings as well as the disturbing reality of the barbaric treatment of
" unmarried mothers " and women's public humiliation in the divorce courts.

With an introduction by writer and historian Deirdre Beddoe, this collection will delight and touch the hearts of its readers.

"MY LIFE EXPLODED IN THE SIXTIES. It was as if I had been on strangulated hold until then, trying to subdue my soaring spirit to the hushed confines of the Welsh chapel.."

Read more from Molly Parkin's Swinging Sixties below.

Foreward/Intro by: Deirdre Beddoe

ISBN: 9781870206532

Language: English

Category: Autobiography  Historical  Anthologies  

First published by Honno in : 2003

Contributors: Jo Mazelis, Hazel Farr, Leona Jones, Mary Davies Parnell, Carolyn Lewis, Rachel Treadwell, Beth Clarke, Jane Salisbury, Carys Richards, Ann Rodgers, Marianne Jones, M Muriel Hughes, Pam Clatworthy, Joan Hilditch, Lorna Pope, Lynne Rees, Gaynor Cohen, Jude Brigley, Marian Tawe Davies, Gillian Morgan, Judith Maro, Elaine Morgan, Eirwen Gwynn, Pamela Cockerill, Sally Gough, Mari Ellis, Marian Tawe Davies, Eva Goldsworthy, Dot Clancy, Eirlys Ogwen Ellis, Margaret Smith, Eiluned Davies, Heulwen Williams, Brenda Curtis, Jude Brigley, Molly Parkin, Jen Wilson, Jenny Sullivan, Margaret Lloyd, Siân Edwards, Hilda Price, PennyAnne Windsor, Stella Levey,

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