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Clawr/Cover - Safe World Gone


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Safe World Gone


Editor: Patricia Duncker, Janet Thomas

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The moment that changes a life could be strange or ordinary, small or shocking - A tramp at a train station; a red dress in a department store window; visiting an ex-lover; stealing a car; knocking on the wrong door ….

In these 28 stories, by turns funny, touching and scary, Welsh women authors explore the turning points – the key decisions, the mistakes, the victories or perhaps the roads not taken – that can change a woman's life forever. Honno's most varied, surprising and memorable collection.

The most popular theme yet for submissions, this is Honno's most varied, surprising and memorable collection.

ISBN: 9781870206778

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Short Stories  Anthologies  

First published by Honno in : January 2007

Contributors: Patricia Ace, Linda Baxter, Lesley Coburn, Brenda Curtis, Lara Clough, Sue Coffey, Nicola Daly, Vanessa Gebbie, Jo Verity, Imogen Rhia Herrad, Sarah Jackman, Ruth Joseph, Dahlian Kirby, Carolyn Lewis, Melanie Mauthner, Barbara McGaughey, Sue Morgan, Laura Morris, Alexandra North, Leslie Phillips, Angela Rigby, Penny Simpson, Jenny Sullivan, Sarah Todd Taylor, Stephanie Tillotson, Cal Walters, Janet Thomas,

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