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Clawr/Cover - Hector


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Hector's Talent for Miracles

Kitty Harri  All books by Kitty Harri

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Mair is looking for her lost grandfather – or least for a trace of his passing. Her journey takes her from a stultifyingly dull veterinary surgery in Cardiff to the heat and passion of Torre del Burros in Spain, an Asturian town popular with pilgrims. There she uncovers not just her own family's secrets, but those of the intriguing, but puzzling Hector… Who is this scruffy, lanky but somehow mesmerising man – the congenital idiot his family believe him to be? A lunatic as some of the townspeople think? An unsung genius with a talent for chess? Or a misunderstood romantic with a heart of gold. Digging deep into the past unsettles both Mair and Hector, bringing long held frustrations to the surface along with the nightmares of civil war that echo down the decades. Kitty Harri is the pseudonym of thriller writer Kitty Sewell.

"...an intelligent and sympathetic exploration of the lasting damage done to survivors of war."

ISBN: 9781870206815

Language: English

Category: Novels  Fiction  Historical  

First published by Honno in : February 2007

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