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Clawr/Cover - Sweets From Morocco


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Sweets From Morocco

Jo Verity  All books by Jo Verity

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Tessa and Lewis are unnerved by the arrival of baby brother Gordon disrupting their perfect childhood. Something must be done. Secretly they construct an effigy of the interloper and transport it to a phone box at the edge of town. They don't wish the baby dead, just gone… But when Gordon does disappear, it blights the lives of the whole Swinburne family.

Coming to terms with the past doesn't get any easier with the years and the ties binding Tessa and Lewis grow tighter and tighter, as their secret stalks them into middle age.

The third novel from the award-winning Jo Verity.

Praise for Sweets from Morocco:

"[italic: a ripping yarn... pitch perfect evocation of childhood
and sibling relationships]"
Marcel Theroux, The Daily Telegraph

"An exceptionally well-written book… a cracking good read"

"A richly detailed and absorbing narrative journey in the company of two completely believable – and believably complicated – characters."
Andrew Cowan

"A wonderfully wise portrayal of intriguingly troubled lives."
Suzannah Dunn

"A vivid portrayal of a family scarred by loss."
Louise Wener

"Verity's fiction is intelligent, well-observed, and immensely readable."
Catherine Merriman

"Sweets from Morocco is a highly readable and sophisticated example of storytelling."
Louise Walsh

ISBN: 9781906784003

Language: English

Category: Novels  Fiction  

First published by Honno in : January 2009

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