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Clawr/Cover - Flint


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Margaret Redfern  All books by Margaret Redfern

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A haunting tale from a dark period in Britain's colourful history.

Will and his brother Ned are on the long march from the Fens to North Wales, commandeered into the army of ditch-diggers heading west towards Flint, where they will be preparing the ground for the foundations of Edward 1's new castle.

The lads are nervous and rightly so, for not only is Ned a mute, whose abilities as a horse-whisperer and herbalist make him suspicious in the eyes of their English overseers, but they have been close to the enemy. Ned had been secretly taking lessons in music from Ieuan ap y Gof, an exiled bard, not long before the 'recruiters' came. The boys find themselves beseiged on all sides - unsure of their own allegiances and in danger of being thought traitors.

Finding Ieuan and saving Ned tests Will to his limits. Finally, when all appears lost, he learns that love it sometimes harder to understand than death itself...

Shortlisted for the Aur Pur/Pure Gold Award 2010

"Its particular strength is the poetry of the language and the way it draws the reader into a stark, beautiful, dangerous mediaeval world, so rounded out and tactile that I believed I was there. It's a wonderful, miniature gem of a novel. The reader will need to concentrate as the novel does flick about in time, but once absorbed into the rhythm, it's a highly rewarding, skilled piece of writing. One for my keeper shelf." Historical Novel Society

"Flint is a novel you can read for the sheer joy of reading—and that is the highest praise I can give to any writer. " Lacuna – A Journal of Historical Fiction

"[italic:...a poetic tale of brotherly love, conflicting allegiances and discovery. ...deep and true and feeling and spiritual attunement."
Margaret Donsbach, www.historicalnovels.info

"Emotionally resonant, and considerably deeper than its short length might suggest, Flint celebrates the power of song and story to help us remember people and places that might otherwise be forgotten. Highly recommended." Reading the Past

'"fiction stamped with authenticity on every page, an original novel from a mature and imaginative writer"' Steve Dube, Western Mail

'delightful, erudite and gripping' Christine Willison, Pembrokeshire Country Arts Officer

ISBN: 9781906784041

Language: English

Category: Novels  Fiction  Historical  

First published by Honno in : June 2009

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