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Clawr/Cover - Eating Blackbirds


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Eating Blackbirds

Lorraine Jenkin  All books by Lorraine Jenkin

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Sixteen and with a newborn daughter, Georgia's been kicked out of her city squat. But she'd rather suffer her Uncle God's supermarket shampoo and recycled tea-bags than go home to her mum and be reminded of the incident.

After a lifetime's scrimping and saving, early retirement looms for Godfrey Palmer and his colleagues in Council Tax are in for one hell of a shock.

For Mansel Big Face, 'Ducks 'n' Dogshit' officer, it's time to climb out of the Superman tights and face the music. Time to come to the rescue not cause the accident.

When Georgia turns up on Godfrey's doorstep she doesn't realise quite what a catalyst for change she's going to be...

Praise for Eating Blackbirds

"funny and feel-good... gloriously off-the-wall plot"

"a novel to delight in for one reason after another – starting with its ability to make this reviewer laugh out loud... feel-good as well as funny and a rollicking read that's hard to put down"
Steve Dube, Western Mail

Praise for Lorraine Jenkin

"This sweet romantic story is flavoured with an unexpectedly strong cast of characters... a case of expecting light fluffy chocolate mousse and getting so much more."
The Chick Lit Club

"The various twists and turns of each plot meant that I could hardly stop reading each night!"
The Western Mail

"fun and witty... with many twists in the tale that all women can relate to"
County and Border Life

ISBN: 9781906784065

Language: English

Category: Fiction, Novel  

First published by Honno in : July 2009

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