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Clawr/Cover - A Burglary: or Unconscious Influence


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A Burglary: or Unconscious Influence

Amy Dillwyn  All books by Amy Dillwyn

Editor: Alison Favre

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Clever, yet comic and riveting, this Victorian comedy of manners was first published in 1883 as a three volume novel by the author of The Rebecca Rioter, Honno's most popular classic.

At Llwyn -yr-Allt, heiress Ethel Carton is robbed of her prized jewels. A local collier and poacher is accused, but the real culprit is Sylvester, a gentleman and shady financier. The villain goes unsuspected until he falls for the headstrong yet moral Welsh heroine Imogen Rhys.

The "unconscious influence" of Ethel and her young cousin Imogen inspires both love and goodness despite diversion and danger in a sensational, dramatic dénouement.

"[italic:a rattling good read with all the elements of the sensation novel in full play... there is a first-hand freshness about the writing that makes for easy reading... For all it's redemming humour and sense of fun the novel is based on a serious foundation of genuine sympathy for the great Victorian underclass without ever falling into the trap of Dickensian sentimentality."
David Painting (www.swansea.ac.uk/CREW/CREWReviews)

Foreward/Intro by: Alison Favre

ISBN: 9781906784072

Language: English

Category: Honno Classics  Fiction  Novels  

First published by Honno in : August 2009

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