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Clawr/Cover - More Than Just a Wedding


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More Than Just a Wedding

Nia Pritchard  All books by Nia Pritchard

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Two couples, a shocking pink diary... and a very small dog!

It's not just her wedding that Shirley's got to sort out... There's her sidekick Oli's adoption of little Apple, a very small and demanding dog, her regular hairdressing clients and the tracking down of another woman's errant husband to think of - as well as the usual dress fittings and cake design choices.

Then there's the hen weekend to Iceland, and finding out what a local factory boss is doing with the Thai and Russian girls he appears to be importing from all points East...

Will Shirley be able to keep her undercover sleuthing secret once she's got the handsome and respectable professional David permanently at her side? Not if one of the local constabulary gets her way.

"Shirl, Oli and the gang are back, and on good form..."
Suzy Ceulan Hughes, www.gwales.com

Praise for Nia Pritchard
"Enjoyed it loads. A good juicy read!"
Margi Clarke

ISBN: 9781906784126

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Novels  Humour  Romance  Crime  

First published by Honno in : November 2009

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