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Clawr/Cover - The Small Mine


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The Small Mine

Menna Gallie  All books by Menna Gallie

Editor: Jane Aaron

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First published in 1962, this novel tells the tale of a young collier's death in a mining accident in Cilhendre, a fictional industrial village in the south Wales Valleys. The story vividly and sympathetically portrays how the Valley community, and in particular the women, come to terms with the sudden loss - an occurrence with which they are all too familiar.

Yet for all its tragic subject matter, The Small Mine also conveys the warmth and gusto of the villagers' lives by means of its witty language, which was favourable compared to that of Gwyn Thomas and other male Valley writers.

This is the third of Menna Gallie's novels, and was apparently her personal favourite. Originally republished by Honno in 2003 and now in a new edition with an updated introduction and new cover.

Download or print the Readers Guide.

ISBN: 9781906784218

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Novels  Historical  Honno Classics  

First published by Honno in : September 2010

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