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Clawr/Cover - Sea of Troubles


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Sea of Troubles

M. Stanford-Smith  All books by M. Stanford-Smith

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Nicholas Talbot is heartbroken – his family home burned to the ground and the love of his life married to another… In five short years he has gone from callow youth to adventurer – courier at large for Queen and country. But more than all this, his passion for the stage has made him the progenitor of the theatre's greatest ever conspiracy…

Tucked away in Verona, Kit Marlowe – according to history a dead man, killed in a tavern brawl – continues to write his wondrous plays. Back in London they are put on under the name of Will Shakespeare, a travesty, but yet they are staged and the applause comes. To live without writing would be worse than death and hence in spiriting his plays away to London, Nick is Kit's saviour.

A youth no longer, Nick is a father with responsibilities to many – Robert Cecil the spymaster, his courier colleagues, his family and household, and above all Kit: in this second outing the adventurer matures and begins to look for more in life than transient thrills. His ability to find trouble is unerring and he won't always prevail…

Welsh Books Council Book of the Month July 2011

Praise for Sea of Troubles:

"Never for a moment does Stanford-Smith allow her characters to lack credibility. This is an action-packed historical adventure by a masterful story-teller."
Norma Penfold, www.gwales.com

Praise for The Great Lie:

"a tremendous ride through the swirl and bustle of Elizabethan life."
Emma Rea, New Welsh Review

"a very enjoyable historical yarn. For a debut novel, this is a considerable achievement."
Derrick Smith, South Wales Argus

ISBN: 9781906784270

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Novels  Historical  Mystery  

First published by Honno in : June 2011

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