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Clawr/Cover - Animated Baggage


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Animated Baggage

Hilary Shepherd  All books by Hilary Shepherd

£8.99     Out of print

Welsh Books Council Book of the Month March 2012

Zahara is struggling with the legacy of her dual nationality. Half-Sudanese and half-Welsh she's torn between loyalty to her father and her African heritage and to her mother back in the UK, who still insists on calling her Sandra. She's raising her own children through the prism of her two selves. Bee is bringing up her family of four across two continents - splitting her life between rural Suffolk and drought stricken Africa. Her aid-worker husband is away from home a lot, leaving her to cope with the heat, the shortages and the kids in an alien environment. Meeting and unusual young man and his camel at the local market exposes her vulnerability in a way she could never have predicted.

Both Zahara and Bee struggle to survive in a world that isn't always easy to understand. They are the 'animated baggage' of the title, dragged across the globe by the men they love in search of fulfilling work and a decent livelihood. As the country descends into civil war what will become of them?

Praise for 'Animated Baggage'
"'Animated Baggage' is a book that will leave you thinking about the characters after you put it down, and wanting more as you read the last words. I look forward to seeing what Shepherd writes next. If this book is anything to go by, her future as an author looks bright."
Sarah Lianne Lewis, www.gwales.com

ISBN: 9781906784317

Language: English

Category: Novels  Fiction  

First published by Honno in : February 2012

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