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Clawr/Cover - Light Switches are my Kryptonite


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Light Switches are my Kryptonite

Crystal Jeans  All books by Crystal Jeans

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"In Sylvester, Crystal Jeans has created a character as evocative and alluring as her own name. Her book is an amazing piece of literary ventriloquism; convincing, moving, funny, flawlessly sustained, and utterly compelling."
Niall Griffiths

Sylvester is a young man with a problem - an OCD problem - one he staves off by repeating the names of his favourite pharmaceuticals. Convinced others can see the hardcore contents of his thoughts, he spends a lot of time under the duvet in his room, muttering his mantras and gluing glitter to the light switches.

His father's lusty girlfriend doesn't help with the irrational thoughts. Dad recommends that Sylvester watches action films to distract himself when things get tough - after all, he's named for Sylvester Stallone.

The next few months are a roller coaster ride through paranoia, drink and psychedelia as Sylvester, his father and Sylvester's fragile friend Patty negotiate their way around a city which seems determined to push them to the limits. Along the way there are laughs, horror and moments of tender compassion. And the story of what happened to Sylvester's mum, which has made him the young man he is: frightened, brave, compassionate, kind - not quite broken, not quite fixed.

From the author of The Vegetarian Tigers of Paradise.

"Think Caitlin Moran in Gabalfa, Cardiff - dysfunctionality made humorous and page-turningly entertaining and moving." Prof Tony Curtis

ISBN: 9781909983588

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Novels  

First published by Honno in : April 2017

Latest edition: 2017-04-20

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