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Clawr/Cover - A View Across the Valley: Short Stories by Women from Wales c. 1850 - 1950


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A View Across the Valley: Short Stories by Women from Wales c. 1850 - 1950


Editor: Jane Aaron

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The second in the Honno Classics series - this volume aims to convey to the modern reader a sense of the rich, but hitherto little explored, tradition of English-language short-story writing by women from Wales.

The collection brings together 20 stories from the industrial communities of the south, to the hinterlands of the rural west and the border country of east Wales, from different epochs in modern history, to a medieval and mythological Wales.

The majority of the stories included have never been republished since their first appearance in print. One of the stories, by novelist, Gwyneth Vaughan, has never apeared in print before.It was discovered amongst her papers as a pencilled manuscript.

Other contibutors include Allen Raine, Dorothy Edwards, Hilda Vaughan, Brenda Chamberlain and Margiad Evans

' ..a ground-breaking collection of Anglo-Welsh short stories..' Liz Saville, Gwales

Foreward/Intro by: Jane Aaron

ISBN: 9781870206358

Language: English

Category: Honno Classics  Short Stories  Fiction  Anthologies  

First published by Honno in : 2002

Contributors: Anne Beale, Mallt Williams, Sara Maria Saunders, Gwyneth Vaughan, Allen Raine, Jeanette Marks, Bertha Thomas, Ellen Lloyd-Williams, Kathleen Freeman, Dorothy Edwards, Nansi Powell Price, Mary Webb, Hilda Vaughan, Eiluned Lewis, Siân Evans, Rhian Roberts, Brenda Chamberlain, Margiad Evans, Dilys Rowe,

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