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Clawr/Cover - The Rebecca Rioter


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The Rebecca Rioter

Amy Dillwyn  All books by Amy Dillwyn

Editor: Katie Gramich

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' ...it is the system that is to blame - the system of narrowness and of pride, and of exclusiveness, and of no one doing anything for another, unless there is something to be gained in return.' - the voice of Evan Williams, p.174

Country men disguised as women, the Rebecca Rioters rose up against the oppressive imposition of steep taxes at the toll gates of rural Wales, in the late 1830s.

This story tells the tale of Evan Williams, a young working class man, struggling to come to terms with the injustice and social inequalities of the world he lives in. His rebellious actions have dramatic consequences not only for himself, but inadvertently, for the woman he loves.

Amy Dillwyn was described as "One of the most original women of the age." Born in Swansea, she was a novelist, feminist and pioneering industrialist.

The Rebecca Rioter was first published in 1880 and is set in south and west Wales.

' powerful and engaging ' - Karen Rosenburg, The Women's Review of Books

Foreward/Intro by: Katie Gramich

ISBN: 9781870206433

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Novels  Historical  Honno Classics  

First published by Honno in : 2004

Latest edition: 2001

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