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Clawr/Cover - Dragonchild


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Anne Lewis  All books by Anne Lewis

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Something is wrong with the magic. Something is feeding on it. The whole world is at stake... Third in the award-winning Bwgan Wood series.

A dragon egg was stolen by elves and lost in Nat-y-Ceirw 500 years before. Now it's hatching, in a world where it doesn't belong. The town and the wood will be destroyed and the dragon itself will die, unless David, Eleri, Brynmor, Tati and Daio, can save them.

But Time and humans mean nothing to elves. They'll do anything to cover up the theft. The bwganod and the children are up against clevere, more powerful enemies than any they have faced before. Their whole world is at stake.

All they have is their own courage ... and a Moon-Horse.

Also in the award-winning Bwgan-Wood series:
Who's afraid of the Bwgan-Wood?
The Scary Monster Clean-up Gang

ISBN: 9781870206556

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Childrens  Novels  Fantasy  

First published by Honno in : 2003

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