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Clawr/Cover - Big Cats and Kitten Heels


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Big Cats and Kitten Heels

Claire Peate  All books by Claire Peate

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Rachel is wondering just who is her best friend's best friend – because Rachel herself seems to have been usurped by an all-singing, all-dancing action woman called Marcia. Contemplating the week in prospect, which will be dominated by pizza delivery and nights alone on the sofa, Rachel's life seems to come straight from the pages of TV Quick compared to that of Wanderlust magazine poster-girl Marcia. It seems a veritable Dull Life Crisis is in the offing… Until she realises that in a couple of weekends' time she'll be going on the hen weekend to end all hen weekends, crammed with action from dawn til dusk and beyond by an extremely organised hen.

What Rachel doesn't realise is that along with the promise of horseriding, spa baths and wild parties comes the threat of being torn in two by a puma gone native in the Brecon Beacons. One of the UK's infamous 'big cats' is on the loose in the grounds of the Hen House and only a handsome Welshman in wellies stands between Rachel and a vicious killerÂ… This is one story Marcia isn't going to be able to top no matter how many bottles of Cloudy Bay she sinks.

A hilarious follow-up to Claire Peate's heartwarming first novel The Floristry Commission

"Claire Peate writes with wit, affectionate humour and insight about the lives and expectations of a group of young women... A very enjoyable read."

ISBN: 9781870206884

Language: English

Category: Novels  Fiction  Romance  

First published by Honno in : July 2007

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