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Clawr/Cover - Stranger Within The Gates: A collection of short stories


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Stranger Within The Gates: A collection of short stories

Bertha Thomas  All books by Bertha Thomas

Editor: Kirsti Bohata

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First published in 1912, this is a collection of witty, sharply observed short stories which engage with feminism, the 'fast' New Women of the 1890s, alongside narratives which explore the personal and emotional conflict experienced by people torn between multiple ethnicities or between different social and national groups.

Bertha Thomas lightly but deftly sketches her characters with a sharp eye for humorous and satirical detail. Her stories are by turns Gothic, romantic, humorous, fantastic, satirical but always engagingly written.

"Bertha Thomas' short stories and her portrayals of Welsh rural and community life achieve for Wales what Kate Chopin and George Moore were achieving for Louisiana and Ireland at the turn of the century. These tales and the feisty rural New Women they contain deserve new readers and new interpretations..."
Ann Heilmann, Professor of English, University of Hull

ISBN: 9781870206945

Language: English

Category: Honno Classics  Fiction  Short Stories  

First published by Honno in : March 2008

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