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Clawr/Cover - Two Times Twenty


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Two Times Twenty

Bethan Darwin  All books by Bethan Darwin

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Anna's got a big birthday coming up and is planning the party to end all parties, but fate is determined to ensure that getting the guest list right is going to be traumatic.

Ordering the canapés becomes fraught when just weeks before the big day she spots Jane, the catering queen, dallying on the doorstep of a man who isn't her tragically disabled husband. To tell or not to tell? Confronting one of your best friends with her infidelity definitely isn't the way to get your delectable tit-bits at a discount rateÂ…

Then there's best mate of old, GlynisÂ… City lawyer and fashion hot-shot she may be, but now Glynis has gone all broody and is on the hunt for 'daddy'. Maybe they won't need so much champagne after all.

Then there's the kids, three of them and the eldest, James pining for his lost love, off to uni in the Big Smoke. And what of Anna's own lost love, Mack, the 'bad boy' she left home for, who wasn't bad at all, just afflicted with fatal wanderlust. This time when he turns up he wants to take them all back with him to the sun, sand and surf of Hawaii. It seems that deciding on the guestlist won't be the year's biggest question after allÂ…

Praise for Two Times Twenty

"sucks you in straight away."
Chick Lit Club (www.chicklitclub.com)

"chatty, frank and witty and you won't have trouble turning the pages." Steve Dube, Western Mail

Praise for Back Home

"A modern woman's romantic confession, alongside a cleverly unfolding story of long-buried family secrets"
Abigail Bosanko

"Lively, fresh and warm-hearted"
Nia Wyn, author of Blue Sky July

ISBN: 9781906784232

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Novels  Romance  

First published by Honno in : October 2010

Latest edition: 2010-10

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