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Alys Einion  All books by Alys Einion

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With twin boys only months old, Amanda arrives in Saudi Arabia to live with her husband Mohammed. Her new life is strange and confusing, the noise and bustle of a multi-generational household alienating and sometimes frightening. Amanda can barely understand Arabic and the treatment of the women of the family seems wrong to a girl raised in Wales. To add to her problems, Mohammed proves to be verbally and physically abusive – especially once they have their own flat away from the protection of the wider family.

Somehow Amanda must escape, but not without her children. It is women who will be her salvation, despite the best efforts of the men who appear to rule over every aspect of life in the countryÂ…

Longlisted for the Waverton Good Reads Award 2014

"a thoroughly readable novel, set against the seeping damp of Wales and the white heat of Arabia."
Dr Anne Lauppe-Dunbar, New Welsh Review

"A powerful and beautifully written storyÂ…grippingly claustrophobic"
Kit Habianic, author of Until Our Blood is Dry

"The compelling story of one woman's extraordinary journeyÂ… by turns gripping, provoking and vividly sensory"
Tiffany Atkinson

ISBN: 9781909983083

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Novels  

First published by Honno in : July 2014

Latest edition: 2014-07-17

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