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Clawr/Cover - The Heart Remembers


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The Heart Remembers

Margaret Redfern  All books by Margaret Redfern

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Venice, Ypres, Wales – an incredible adventure across 14th century Europe

Leaving? What is that? It means nothing. While the heart remembers there is no leaving.

Welshman, Dai, a trader, and his motley band of fellow-travellers have landed in Venice, their welcome marred by a vicious quarrel on the quayside. It is an omen of troubles to come. Here, men are tortured to death at the pointing of a suspicious finger. In the English Fens, Edgar and Agathi face an incomer intent on stealing their inheritance.

In Wales, Edward the English king is stamping hard on a proud people dangerously outnumbered. Intent on finding her English grandfather – Will the Wordmaker – Kazan, as her companions know her, will need all her talents and wiles simply to stay alive.

Half a year later, where the River Mawddach reaches the Irish Sea, where Will began his journey, an ending is reached... and for Sophia, the storyteller's granddaughter, a new beginning.

"a beautiful book - a celebration of life and faitha nd all that is good in humanity. It is a fitting sequel to The Storyteller's Granddaughter and the narrative Redfern so beautifully set in motion in Flint."
Elizabeth Jane Corbett

A thrilling picaresque adventure in storytelling from the author of Flint and The Storyteller's Granddaughter:

"A gripping medieval adventure that stunningly portrays 14th century Anatolia"

"Draws the reader into a stark, beautiful, dangerous medieval world, so rounded out and tactile that I believed I was there"
Historical Novel Society, 'Editor's Choice'

ISBN: 9781909983328

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Novels  

First published by Honno in : October 2015

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