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Clawr/Cover - The White Camellia


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The White Camellia

Juliet Greenwood  All books by Juliet Greenwood

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In 1909, the White Camellia ladies' tearooms were one of the first places women could go alone without causing scandal, and where both the suffrage, and early suffragette, movements could grow.

Bea has lost everything after her father's bankruptcy. The family has to leave Tressillion in Cornwall, to live in London, and everyone expects Bea to rescue her mother and sister by marrying her wealthy cousin. A chance visit to the White Camellia opens new worlds to her, as she finds herself drawn into the suffrage campaign. But can she follow her heart without betraying her family?

Sybil, who has made her fortune in America, buys the Tressillion estate and is determined to reopen the goldmine that killed Bea's father and brother. Why does she hate Bea's family? Who is the man watching her?

The secrets of Tressillion will eventually force Bea and Sybil together. Both threatened by a terrible danger, will they be enemies or allies?

Praise for The White Camellia:

"This was an effortless read that glided through the scenes perfectly... a great book for reading on a rainy Sunday or on the beach while waiting for afternoon tea."
Katie Scott, Blooming Fiction

"There's nothing I enjoy better than being wrapped up in the pages of a book that totally transports you into its world, to such an extent that you really don't want to leave... Beautiful writing, wonderful storytelling, and onto my Books of the Year list without a moment's hesitation."
Anne, Being Anne

"This book effortlessly transports us to a time where much of what we as women take for granted was definitely not a given!... This is one of those books that you don't want to put down....to hell with the washing up and the laundry! It will wait until the last lines are read!"
Andrea, A Chance To Blog

"The White Camellia is a moving story, portraying the lives of ordinary women who take huge risks in standing up for themselves and fighting for justice... full of suspense, mystery and engaging characters, with a small portion of romance and plenty of drama."
Rachel Carney, Created To Read

"This is Juliet Greenwood's third novel and in my view, her best to date. Her writing has matured, settings are beautifully drawn; characters leap off the page insisting on being heard."
Word Bird, amazon.com

"The setting is immediate and revealing. The author has used all her senses to portray the era the novel in based in. And this talent continues throughout the book, in every scene described... I've always held Juliet Greenwood's work in great esteem; her style of writing, gentle but with an honest reality about it. This is one book I can thoroughly recommend. A great read."
Judith Barrow

ISBN: 9781909983502

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Novels    

First published by Honno in : September 2016

Latest edition: 2016-09-15

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