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Clawr/Cover - Remember No More


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Remember No More

Jan Newton  All books by Jan Newton

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"A rare treat from a fine storyteller" Fflur Dafydd

The first DS Kite novel

Newly promoted DS Julie Kite is at a crossroads. Her husband's desire for a different life takes her away from urban Manchester and its inner city problems to tranquil mid-Wales. It is to be a clean slate for them both. On her first day at her new police station, Julie is thrust unexpectedly into the centre of an investigation into a suspicious death in a remote farming community.

Back in Manchester, Stephen Collins is set free from prison. Bible in hand he makes his way to the scene of the heinous crime for which he was imprisoned, in order to confront those who had a hand in his incarceration.

The twists and turns of the investigation into solicitor Gareth Watkin's death force DS Kite to confront her own demons as well as those of her rural community and, ultimately, to uncover the lengths to which we'll go to protect our families...

"Elegantly written, meticulously paced"
Fflur Dafydd, author of The Library Suicides

"One of the most delicious reads I've enjoyed in a long time"
Emma van Woerkom, Poet

"4.5* out of 5*...I was immediately drawn in"
Judith Barrow

"A great mystery to read"
Teresa Noel

Wales Book of the Month: April 2017

ISBN: 9781909983564

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Crime  

First published by Honno in : March 2017

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