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Clawr/Cover - Welsh Women


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Welsh Women's Poetry 1460-2001


Editor: Katie Gramich, Catherine Brennan

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Lord of the Running Rivers,
I was given two languages
To speak or, rather they have spoken me
Through different landscapes from a common spring.
Gwyneth Lewis

This groundbreaking volume is the first bilingual anthology of Welsh women's poetry, demonstrating the rich, varied canon of poetry by Welsh women, in both the Welsh and English languages. It ranges from Gwerful Mechain, the Welsh women's Chaucer, to acclaimed contemporary poets such as Menna Elfyn and Gillian Clarke, and many works which previously existed only in handwritten manuscripts in the National Library of Wales.

The editors have produced a superbly researched anthology that illustrates the breadth, power and skill of Welsh women's poetry and also includes some daring, new translations.

The poems' historical and literary importance and the ways they reveal thought-provoking connections between the poetic traditions in the two tongues of Wales are thoroughly explored in the editors' insightful introduction. But the poems can speak for themselves - they are the inspirational voices of so many extraordinary women, from almost 600 years, brought together at last.

Foreward/Intro by: Katie Gramich, Catherine Brennan

ISBN: 9781909983649

Language: English & Welsh

Category: Poetry  Historical  Honno Classics  

First published by Honno in : 2003

Latest edition: 2017

Contributors: Gwenllian ferch Rhirid Flaidd, Gwerful Mechain, Alis ferch Gruffydd ab Ieuan, Catrin ferch Gruffydd ap Hywel o Landdeiniolen, Katherine Philips, Angharad James, Catrin Gruffydd, Margaret Davies, Jane Brereton, Elisabeth ferch William Williams, Elisabeth Griffith, Anna Williams, Anne Penny, Mary Robinson, Jane Cave, Ann Julia Hatton, Ann Griffiths, Felicia Hemans, Maria James, Jane Williams (Ysgafell), Elen Egryn (Elin Evans), Anne Beale, Emily Jane Pfeiffer, Sarah Williams, Sarah Jane Rees, Catherine Prichard, Alice Gray Jones, Ellen Hughes, Elizabeth Mary Jones, Eiluned Lewis, Dilys Cadwaladr, Jean Earle, Lynette Roberts, Margiad Evans, Brenda Chamberlain, Eluned Phillips, Joyce Herbert, Alison Bielski, Christine Furnival, Nest Lloyd, Sally Roberts Jones, Gillian Clarke, Jane Edwards, Christine Evans, Nesta Wyn Jones, Glenda Beagan, Marged Dafydd, Meg Elis, Einir Jones, Menna Elfyn, Hilary Llewellyn-Williams, Catherine Fisher, Delyth George, Gwyneth Lewis, Delyth George, Merryn Williams, Rose Flint, Sarah Corbett, Kate Johnson, Kate Bingham, Elin ap Hywel, Elin Wyn Williams, Elin Llywyd Morgan, Deryn Rees-Jones, Frances Sackett, Kathy Miles, Esyllt Maelor, Ann Griffiths, Mererid Hopwood, Samantha Wynne Rhydderch, ,

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