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Women, peace, activism

Here We Stand cover

Here We Stand cover

Join legendary peace activists Ann Pettitt and Angie Zelter, in discussion with Angharad Penrhyn Jones and Helena Earnshaw, award-winning co-editors of Here We Stand: women changing the world.

Tuesday 20th October 2015, 6pm
Main Hall, International Politics Building
Penglais Campus, Aberystwyth University

Refreshments, all welcome

Mae'n bleser gan Sefydliad Coffa David Davies, ar y cyd â Gwasg Honno, eich gwahodd i drafodaeth yng nghwmni'r gweithredwyr enwog dros ryddid Ann Pettitt ac Angie Zelter. Arweinir y digwyddiad gan Angharad Penrhyn Jones a Helena Earnshaw, golygyddion llyfr sydd wedi ennill gwobrau Here We Stand: Women Changing the World.

Cynhelir y drafodaeth ddydd Mawrth, 20 Hydref, 18:00-19:30, ym Mhrif Neuadd Adeilad Gwleidyddiaeth Ryngwladol.

Darperir lluniaeth; croeso i bawb!

HERE WE STAND is a fascinating and unique anthology about contemporary women campaigners and how they were changed by the process of changing the world. It won the Bread and Roses Award for Radical Publishing in 2015.
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'A beautiful and necessary book full of passion, humour, encouragement, information and hope. This is the kind of writing that saves lives.'

ANN PETTITT has lived in Carmarthenshire for the past thirty years where she taught French before running a successful small business making ceramic tiles. She has written for a number of national newspapers, feminist publications and other magazines on the subjects of the Greenham Peace Camp, feminism, sustainable living, Welsh politics and walking and public footpaths. Her book, Walking to Greenham: How the Peace Camp Began and the Cold War Ended, is a remarkable memoir which tells the real story behind one of the 20th century's most iconic expressions of grass roots political will .

ANGIE ZELTER is a human rights, peace and environmental campaigner. She has founded many international campaign groups, including Trident Ploughshares and the International Women's Peace Service. She also helped set up the Institute for Law and Peace. Her love of trees led to her founding Reforest the Earth and CRISPO Citizens' Recovery of Indigenous Peoples' Stolen Property Organisation. Angie was a member of the Seeds of Hope group that disarmed a BAe Hawk jet to prevent it being used in the genocide in East Timor. In a later landmark trial on the disarming of a Trident laboratory, the judge agreed that the deployment of Trident nuclear missiles was illegal under international humanitarian law, and the campaigners were acquitted. Angie has been arrested over a hundred times in 10 countries, and has served many prison sentences for her non-violent resistance to inhumanity and corruption. She has received the Sean MacBride Peace Prize and the Right Livelihood Award (on behalf of Trident Ploughshares). She has edited and co-authored five books; her latest, The World in Chains, was published in 2014 by Luath Press.
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