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News archive 2008

Cystadleuaeth Ysgrifennu: Stori mewn brawddeg ar y thema: dod i oed (25/11/2008)

Oes gennych chi stori i?w hadrodd? Fedrwch chi ei hadrodd hi mewn brawddeg? Gall fod yn stori wir neu anwir, dim ond chi a wyr. Gwnewch i ni chwerthin neu grio, i gydymdeimlo neu gywilyddio. Fedrwch chi baratoi darn mwyaf diddorol y stor...
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Writing competition: A story, told in one sentence on the theme of: coming of age (25/11/2008)

Do you have a story to tell? Can you tell it in just one sentence? It can be true or not, only you will know. Make us laugh or cry, empathise with you or be shocked. Can you condense the most interesting part of a story into a bite-sized pi...
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Jane Austen Short Story Award 2009 (20/10/2008)

Launched to celebrate the bicentenary of Jane Austen?s arrival in the Hampshire village of Chawton ? where she spent the most productive years of her literary life, the intention is to publish the very best short fiction inspired by Jane Au...
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Launch of 'The Captain's Wife' (23/09/2008)

Originally published in 1943 The Captain's Wife is an atmospheric and poignant novel that draws on the vivid memories of Eiluned Lewis's mother, whose own mother was the real 'Captain's Wife' of the story. It is being launched at the Nation...
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