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Poem of the Month 2013

To do more to promote Welsh women poets, Honno are running the 'Poem of the Month' on our website for the second year. We will select one poem every month, and give the poet the chance to write a little about themselves and promote their publications on our website.

Poem of the Month 2012 winners

Poem of the Month 2012 winners

The 'Honno Poem of the Month' page will feature the selected poem, a piece about the poet, a photograph of the poet, if they choose, and a piece about their publications, covers of their books if applicable, up-coming events, etc. The selected poems would also be archived on the website, if the poet was willing, and promoted in Honno newsletters, on the site, etc.

How it would work:
There would be a selection month each year (this year March 2013) when poets would be welcome to send a maximum of 3 poems to Honno. At the end of the month, 12 poems would be selected for the coming year and all poets informed. Poems can be submitted by post or email. We wouldn't consider poetry submissions other than in the selection month, to avoid writers waiting months for a decision. We would launch the page with our first poem in May 2013.

Honno won't make any income from this and cannot sadly offer the poet a fee for their poem. The poet would retain all rights in the work and we hope that they would benefit from the opportunity to promote their work on the site. It can be new material or already published work (but only obviously if any other publisher is happy to give permission for it to be reproduced on our site).

Please send your work marked 'Poem of the Month' to post@honno.co.uk or to the Honno offices: Honno Welsh Women's Press, Unit 14, Creative Units, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 3GL.
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