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Poem of the Month

August 2012 - Eloise Williams

I do

I do

falling with clangs like lead confetti
though her English is near perfect now.

She ponders goose stepping the aisle
to prove them right, but she glides,
amidst unheard jibes and jeers.

They sent people to the camps you know, her lot.

Gossiping snipers aim shots to the heart.
Hate reverberates from ancient stone
shattering colours of stained glass.

Blitz of emotions,
memories in smithereens,
veiled by traditional lace.

You cannot be a German in the valleys.

Rice clatters against concrete
ricocheting, bouncing bombs
from everyone's pairs of 'for best'.

We all wear shoes,
she thinks.

He holds her hand tighter than most.
The scent of his button hole calms.

She smiles,
an actress to photographer
knowing that her sons
will always be the Nazis
with their carved potato guns.

Coal ovened Welsh cakes and stories of George.
Thick bara brith and stories of George.
Stories of George and stories of George.

Her tales are not secreted behind falsified cupboards
or buried like treasure beneath dusty floors.

They are forever in her head
and lost.

Eloise Williams has had work published in two Honno anthologies:

All Shall be Well, edited by Penny Thomas and Stephanie Tillotson (2012)
Cut on the Bias, edited by Stephanie Tillotson (2010)

Her distinctive voice has led to her work being awarded the Leaf Books poetry prize and the Marches Literary Prize for poetry, as well as taking top three spots in the Welsh Poetry competition on two occasions and the Aber Arts Literary Festival competitions on three occasions for poetry, short story and a novel set in Wales.

Her poetry has appeared in Another Country: Haiku poetry from Wales (Gomer), All the Way Home (Leaf Books), Dancing with Delsie (Leaf Books) and The Body Gossip Book (Rickshaw Publishing) which will be launched in Central London this September.

For more information please visit her website at www.eloisewilliams.com

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