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Poem of the Month

December 2012 - Kate Wright


They thought her sunk
until one man, rubbing
his frozen eyes
saw her figure
- as grey as old snow
drifting in the pack.

How freedom felt
as she buffed through the chop,
her men stranded like fleas
on a sheet. Is ghost the right word?
An albatross, she'd mirage
out of the crisp white.

She'd slip through the snow-haze,
easing open a nick in the ice
in the nick of time to shelter
men, lost in the buzzing static
of a snowstorm. They'd curl into her
stale furs like blind puppies.

Or she'd float by a hunter
as he pinked a bay with seal
blood, looming like a creaking
banshee: an eerie witness,
echoing back to his own ears
the crack of his club.

But she's not been seen
in years. She's a longed
for treasure, a tempress
who slides out of reach.
She could be lost forever;
as pale as whale bone.

Or she could be a soul
broken of moorings,
passing time and fogged
in the vast grey-blue.
Waiting till, once more, the ice
holds steady round her bow.

Kate Wright, 26, gained her BA and MA degrees in Creative Writing from Aberystwyth University, where she is currently completing her PhD. Kate's writing has appeared in The Hidden and Different Worlds anthologies produced by The Aberystwyth Writing Project. Her poem For The Left will appear in the Leaf Books anthology The Mathmagician. She came runner-up in a Royal Literary Fund competition and won the 2008 Luigi Bonomi prize for fiction. As well as writing poetry Kate has completed her first novel, Silkstone, a historical novel set in the 1840s and following a mining community in the midst of political upheaval.

For more information about Kate's writing and upcoming publications follow her on twitter at @AKateWright. To read more of her poetry and short fiction visit her blog thekatewright.wordpress.com/.

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