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Poem of the Month

July 2012 - Sue Moules

Zig Zag
For Mary MacGregor

There are no stars tonight
as we walk into the dark
from the light of the bookshop
talking about words and time.

'I love the Welsh word for time,
amser' you say
breaking it down
into am and ser,
translating it around stars.

You talk about Dylan Thomas:
'And time has ticked a heaven round the stars'
writing amser in the margin
of his poem.

You are a face at poetry readings,
a lover of words,
you tell me another favourite:
igam-ogam, Welsh for zig-zag.

Time parts us in the car park,
you make for Rhayader,
and I for Aberaeron,
I take with me words like stars
to light my zig-zag way.

Sue Moules has had work in two Honno anthologies:
© Cara Bendon

© Cara Bendon

Exchanges, poems by women in Wales, edited by Jude Brigley (1990)
On My Life, edited by Leigh Verrill-Rhys (1989)

She has been widely published in literary magazines including Poetry Wales, New Welsh Review, Planet, Ambit, The North, Orbis, Acumen and Roundyhouse.

Her work has appeared in many anthologies including The Whispering Room (Kingfisher), Poetry Wales 25 years (Seren), The Ground Beneath Her Feet (Cinnamon), The Voice of Women in Wales(Wales Women's Coalition), Of Cake and Words (Cledlyn), A Star Fell From Orion (Peter, Bridge and Stephen).

Her most recent collections are In The Green Seascape (Lapwing) 2009 and The Earth Singing (Lapwing) 2010

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