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Poem of the Month - March 2014

Breaking the Ground by Christine Stovell

Breaking the Ground

Sheep find so many ways to die;
fly-blown, blue-tongued, crow-pecked. Rotting
in every soft place. He plunges
the blade. Cuts into the future.

She watches him flaying the field,
the vibrant pelt of turf livid
in the lemon light. Sliced open
in seconds. Raw earth glistens.

He listens. Catches the ringing
of wedding bells. The village school
unmothballed. Unborn babies
fluttering under their mothers' hearts.

Parted and discarded, the turf
dries. A concrete crust creeps across
the land where blights of breeze-blocks bloom.
In her room, she hears sheep bleating.

Christine Stovell

Chris Stovell

Chris Stovell

Christine Stovell has had work published in the Honno anthology Strange Days Indeed and was the winner of the Honno One Sentence Coming of Age competition.

Chris Stovell's latest novel

Chris Stovell's latest novel

Christine lives and writes on the west Wales coast. She is primarily known as a fiction writer; her third novel, Follow a Star will be published by Choc Lit in 2014 and her short stories have been published in national magazines. Until now, her poetry has been a private, personal passion, but she is currently planning a poetry collection as well as working on her fourth novel. Christine also blogs at Home Thoughts Weekly (http://homethoughtsweekly.blogspot.co.uk/).

For more information visit http://www.christinestovell.com/
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