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Poem of the Month

September 2012 - Emily Blewitt

After the Feast

The way you hoard mugs:
keep dregs for days

on half-drained, brimming surface space;
leave perfect rings on polished wood.

Or, how sleeping,
we lie cupped, tipped

hip to hip
in soft creased napkin folds.

How, pulse to pulse,
your pressed lips brush,

take warm sweet sips
in cooling heat, leave prints.

So like your unwashed cups
(heaped, held shoulder-high)

is how I gather, careful-clasped,
your thrown-on shirt,

your pale cool cheek,
its sunlit stubbled auburn shock:

how, piece by piece,
half-dropped, at ease,

I stack collected, still,
scraped clean.

Emily Blewitt
was born in Carmarthen in 1986. She read English Language and Literature at St Hilda's College, Oxford, and has an MA in Film and Literature from the University of York. She has published poetry in two Parthian anthologies: Cheval 5 (2012), and Nu2: Memorable Firsts (2011), and in Brittle Star (2011). Her poetry appears online in Pomegranate, Cadaverine, Bolts of Silk and The Guardian. Emily won the 2010 Cadaverine/Unity Day Competition with her poem 'Still Life', and has appeared on BBC Radio 4's 'Lost Voices' programme to discuss the work of Anne Ridler. She is studying for a PhD in English Literature at Cardiff University. 'After the Feast' was first published in Bolts of Silk.

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